64011 BuzzLightyear 2

TSC version of Buzz.

"The world's greatest hero, now the world's greatest toy!"

Buzz Lightyear is one of the main protagonists in the Disney/Pixar film franchise, Toy Story. Introduced as the "coolest toy ever", his multitude of high tech features intimidated Sheriff Woody. There have been many different real-life incarnations of the Buzz Lightyear toy, including those that step outside of being just a replica of the toy seen in the film. The first of these toys were made in 1995 for the first Toy Story film by Thinkway Toys, released alongside of Woody. Mattel was also popular for making Toy Story movie scale figures.

Features Edit

  • Pulsating laser light
  • Karate Chop Action
  • High pressure space wings
  • Helmet that retracts with a push of a button
  • A flip open "wrist communicator"
  • Multiphrase voice simulator
  • Glows in the dark

Phrases Edit

  • Mission accomplished. Return to base.
  • We're going home, Space Ranger.
  • Returning to Star Command.
  • Scanning Perimeter
  • Laser at full power
  • It's a secret mission in uncharted space. let's go!
  • Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
  • Open the pod bay doors.
  • It's you and me now, cadet
  • To infinity, and beyond!
  • No time to explain. ATTACK!
  • The slingshot maneuver's all we got. full speed ahead
  • This planet is toxic. Closing helmet to conserve oxygen
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