64011 BuzzLightyear 2

TSC version of Buzz.

"The world's greatest hero, now the world's greatest toy!"

Buzz Lightyear is the "coolest" toy ever! There have been many different versions of Buzz (and when I mean different, I mean really unusual ones too). His first toy was made in 1995 for Toy Story (Made by Thinkway Toys) . He had stubby wings, A Lazer light, retractible helmet, voice simulater, and it also had glow in the dark green paint (I believe this is most, if not all of them from 1995 - 2006 ). Mattel was also popular for making Toy Story movie scale figures. Today, the current version (and the version with the most in-movie features) is his Disney Store counterpart which is originally released in 2010.