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Interactive Buddies were created by Thinkway Toys in 1997 and were re- released in 1999 to promote Toy Story 2. The main feature of these toys was that one can pick up the signal from the other as it talked, causing it to reply back and thus play out a conversation between the two. These toys were sold in sets; the first being of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear to promote the first Toy Story, and the latter being of Sheriff Woody and Jessie to promote Toy Story 2. Both of these sets were later remade in 2009 - 2010 for Toy Story 3, this time with updated voices and builds. A similar interactive feature would later be featured in the 2019 Disney Store Toy Story toys to promote the release of Toy Story 4.


Each figure came with both a microphone button, interactive button, and a transmitter. On Buzz, the transmitter is now in place of his wing button, the microphone button is a small red button on his waist, and the interactive buttons are on his back (where the karate chop action button would be) and the colored buttons on his chest. On Woody and Jessie, the microphone button is the bottom white button on their chests, the interactive button is the top white button, and the transmitter is hidden. These toys also have a mechanism in their heads that allows them to blink. Some of these releases don't for a bizarre reason. (If I'm correct, that might be the Australian release of the packs).

The original Woody Interactive Buddy cosmetically looked the same as the original 1995 pull string Woody with the exception of having no pull string. The original Buzz Lightyear Interactive buddy also resembles the Original 1995 figure with the exception of the transmitter being visible under his chest and on his "wing" button and features much of the same features such as a laser light, a retractable helmet, and glow in the dark green paint. As the red wing button now functions as a transmitter, the wings would have to be pulled out. Buzz is also voiced by a Tim Allen soundalike, rather than Tim Allen.

2009 Re-Releases

The 2009 versions of the toys feature Jim Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz. Both toys have been cosmetically updated to be in-line with other modern Thinkway Toy Story toys. In addition to the top button on his chest, Woody now features a pull string to initiate interactions as well. The transmitters on Buzz are now hidden. The 2009 Re-Releases are also now extremely rare and can range to $200-750$ US dollars on Ebay.


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