Toy Story~Mr Potato Head~hr~TW64014 M

Thinkway's Mr. Potato Head

The Thinkway Toys Toy Story Signature Collection Mr. Potato Head is, like the other toys in the toyline, advertised to be the most screen-accurate version of the film character ever released. It is a joint release by Hasbro and Thinkway.


He comes with a plastic potato body with feet attached to it. The removable parts he has are a derby hat, 2 pink ears, a pair of regular eyes, a pair of angry eyes, 2 arms, a nose, a mustache, an open smile, and a teethy frown. The toy also has voice recognition, and loud sounds could make his parts fall off.


  • No storage compartment.
  • Eyes are not separate
  • Electronic
  • Has legs
  • Shoes are not detachable