Talkin' Tude Woody is a 14" Woody doll made by Mattel in 1999 as part of the "Toy Story 2" toyline.


Press Woody's buckle, with the shiny new badge and "He's a star with an attitude." & flip to the old badge "He's your good ol' Woody." Has "ANDY" on bottom of 1 boot.

Says 9 phrases:

        New badge phrases: 

  • "Hey howdy hey, I am looking good!",
  • "I am a precious collectable.",
  • "I had my own TV show!"
  • "Pretty impressive, huh."

     Old badge phrases:

  • "I'm a toy, I'm supposed to be played with!"
  • "Friends always stick together."
  • "Reach for the sky!"
  • "Nice work, deputy!"

Jim Hanks supplies the voice.