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A poster promoting the new collection known as "To Infinity and beyond"

A Set of toys including, Buzz, Zurg, Woody, Buzz's Spaceship, Rex, And a Zurgbot. These were made in 2011 and measure around 6 inches. The figures range from $10 - $15, while the Spaceship is $35

Rumours speculate that these were made to promote a new " Toy Story Toon " But no further information has been givin.


Woody has a diffiernt color scheme, red and white mostly, and is made of a hard plastic . He comes with a space gun (can not shoot) and a helmet

Buzz LightyearEdit

This Buzz has his trusty blue utility belt, along with a rocket space gun! He is in a new black ang green color scheme.

Evil Emporer ZurgEdit

Zurg is in a black and purple color scheme. Some say Zurg is just a re-painted version of the "Movie Moments" Zurg. Zurg also has his ion blaster wich he can hold. He even has Wheels on the bottem of his (But they can not roll)


This Rex has a helmet (is not removeable), and two robot arms so he can finally reach what he wants. His head also does not move

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