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The Toy Story Collection is the most movie-accurate line of Toy Story figures to date, currently being created by Thinkway Toys using Pixar's digital data from the films. The first wave was released in 2009 consisting of Buzz, Woody, and a few others. Since then Wave 2 release started around 2010 with Mr. Potato Head and Utility Belt Buzz, with May releases of Jessie and Lotso, and a June release of Bullseye. Every toy in the line comes with unique, film-inspired packaging and a Certificate of Authenticity. Most of the toys in the line are $50, with the exception of the Bucket O' Soldiers ($10-20), Alien 3-Pack ($30), and RC ($60-80 depending on carrier). While only two waves have been released, a third has been confirmed for 2011. Most rumors and speculation of Wave 3 are said to be the Evil Emperor Zurg, Stinky Pete the Prospector, Trixie the Triceratops, and Mrs. Potato Head making the wave. Although Mr. Pricklepants, Dolly, Big Baby, Twitch and Buttercup were featured at the London Toy Fair in February, 2011. In late 2012 or early 2013, the name was changed to Toy Story Signature Collection.

Wave 1 Edit

Sheriff WoodyEdit

The Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody features 2 modes in addition to "Off". There is the "Try Me" mode which is what he is in when you see him in stores. You pull the string and he says a couple sayings that aren't all from the movie. Then there is the "Play" (interactive) mode. Woody will respond to your voice, however there are only a few things you can say that he'll respond to with a specific saying. These include:

TSC Woody

The TSC Woody. The box to the right is based on his own TV show, Woody's Roundup.

  • Saying "Hi Woody!" will make him say "Hello! So, How're you doin'?", "Ha ha, boy, am I glad to see you!" or "Hey Howdy Hey!"
  • Saying "What do you wanna do today?" will make him say "There's nothing like riding through town with my favorite deputy, and that's you, partner."
  • Yelling at him or making a loud noise will make him say "Whoa, simmer down partner, no need to be so loud, partner.", "Woah!", or "Oh, yeah, that was loud."
  • Ignoring him will make him say "Hey, where'd everybody go?" and "Everyone here?" until he'll eventually say with a yawn "Okay, time for this sheriff at long last to take a little nap, see ya."


The TSC Rex has a unique box design and has a rotatable tail. The only inacuraccy is that the mouth is not moveable.



Bucket 'O' Soldiers Edit

Bucket O Soldiers
The Bucket 'O' Soldiers are high quality plastic army men. a few Sarges.

Buzz LightyearEdit

The Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear is the most accurate Buzz Lightyear to date.
Buzz Lightyear

The TSC Buzz. The box to the right is based on the box in the first two Toy Story movies.

  • Includes a rubber torso.
  • Like Woody, he has 2 modes, "Try Me" and "Play".
  • He has his original voice actor (Tim Allen).
  • His Toy Mode has a voice phrase simulator.
  • His phrases include: "To infinity, and beyond!", "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" and more.
  • Includes a "space ranger mode".

Little Green AliensEdit

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Wave 2 Edit

Lots-O-Huggin' BearEdit

Tsc lotso
Lots-O-Huggin' Bear smells like strawberries and talks too!

Mr. Potato HeadEdit

Tsc mr p
Mr. Potato Head has two sets of eyes and mouths. His regular eyes and a smile, plus his angry eyes and an angry mouth. But the eyes are stuck together and in the movie, his eyes are separated.


Tsc jessie
Jessie is another member of Woody's Roundup. Like Woody, she has a pullstring and responds to your voice.


Tsc bullseye
Bullseye is a lovable, horse plush, Bullseye has whinnying and galloping noise features. There is a Velcro opening under his belly, where the on/off/demo switch is. Demo = noise only when neck button is pressed; on = random noises and full clopping noise action; and off switch.

Utility Belt Buzz LightyearEdit

Tsc utility buzz
This Buzz Lightyear action figure is like the Wave 1 edition, with added features. He has his anti-gravity belt that lights up. This figure has more phrases. Maybe more than the Wave 1 Buzz Lightyear. Other than that, it's the same Buzz Lightyear action figure from Wave 1.

Wave 3 Edit

As of November 2011, a Toy Story Collection Dolly, Mr. Prickle Pants and Buttercup has been released in the U.K. and Australia. Toy Story Collection Dolly has the Dolly logo all over it. Toy Story Collection Mr. Prickle Pants' packaging is in the theme of a theater. Toy Story Collection Buttercup's packaging looks like the My Little Pony packaging. Reviews of these toys can be found on YouTube. In 2012, the Toy Story Collection went on a 7 year hiatus. Jenny Sze of Thinkway Toys has said that there will not be a Stinky Pete made.

Pricklepants collection

Mr. Prickle Pants

Buttercup collection




Inaccuracies Edit

Although these figures promise to be the most accurate replicas of characters from the movies, they have some inaccuracies.

Sheriff Woody-

  • He omitted the phrases "Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!" and "I'd like to join your posse, boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song."
  • The pullstring ring is too big.
  • His badge, belt buckle, holster pattern, and spurs are more of a light orange in the movie.


  • His jaw is not moveable.


  • No turbo mode.
  • Sensors prevent him from crashing into objects (although he crashed into other objects in the movie. However, this is understandable as a safety constraint).

Bucket 'O' Soldiers-

  • Only 72 soldiers.

Mr. Potato Head-

  • Non-removable feet.
  • His eyes aren't separated.
  • No back compartment due to battery compartment.

Buzz Lightyear-

  • No karate chop action.
  • His helmet doesn't flip down all the way


  • They don't squeak.
  • They are made of plastic.
  • They have different poses.


  • Her buckle and spurs are more of a light orange in the movie.

Other notes Edit

  • The toys were made using Pixar's digital data. Although Woody should have a closed smile, his digital data has him with an open smile, to give his expression more emotion.
  • Though Buzz Lightyear does not have his karate chop action, the Disney Store Buzz has it along with most of the other Toy Story Collection features.
  • The data Thinkway used are models Pixar did especially for the toys, their actual digital data are models with closed mouths and expressions.
  • Most boxes are based on what the characters would look like if you were to buy them in the movie world.
  • Hamm and Slinky will not be made yet, as Pixar confirmed this.
  • Woody's hat (TSC version) is stitched with brown thread, referencing to Al's comments in Toy Story 2. Jessie's hat (TSC version) is stitched with white thread.
  • The reason for the toys not having exact responses is because it would cost too much (hence the deluxe Buzz Lightyear they made). It would range to be around $100.00.
  • Jessie's ring on her pullstring is smaller and the size of Woody's in the movie.
  • The prototype version of Woody has a closed smile, while the final product has an open smile. The same also goes for Buzz Lightyear.

Pictures Edit

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Prototype Buzz

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Prototype Woody

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