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The TSC version of Woody

Sheriff Woody Pride is a character of the Disney/Pixar film franchise, Toy Story. He is a rag doll cowboy toy with pull-string mechanism similar to Mattel's or Matchbox's vintage talking toys, in which one would require to pull the toy's string (a phonograph-like mechanism) to hear it talk. He is voiced by Tom Hanks.

There have been several attempts to make real life Woody dolls from as early as 1995 to coincide with the first film's release, yet all existing ones have an electronic pull-string mechanism rather than the traditional phonograph, and only one Woody doll features all the pull string phrases said in film, albeit with extra quotes. Tom Hanks does not voice any of the real life Woody dolls, but rather, his brother Jim Hanks takes his place.

Only one real life Woody doll features a pull string ring the same 3/4th" size as the one in the films, that being the original 1995 poseable release. All releases after feature a 1" plastic ring.

No existing pull string Woody dolls feature a closed mouth smile as seen in the films, but several attempts by fans and collectors alike have been made to use the head of the Soft and Huggable Woody, which fetaures a closed mouth smile on their own Woody dolls. Despite this, the eyebrows still remain asymmetrical unlike the films.

Features Edit

  • A floppy ragdoll body
  • Traditional, sewn in pull string mechanism
  • Original hand painted face
  • Natural dyed blanket stitched vest sewn tightly onto the body
  • Hand stitched polyvinyl hat
  • A flat, golden, metal Sheriff's badge
  • A brown leather belt with a swiveling holster embroidered with a red ruby and a pale yellow belt buckle
  • Flat, Pale yellow spurs
  • Brown leather boots with a cactus print

Phrases Edit

  • Reach for the sky!
  • You're my favorite deputy!
  • Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!
  • Yee haw! Giddy up, partner! We gotta get this wagon train a-movin'!
  • I'd like to join your posse boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song.
  • There's a snake in my boot!
  • This town ain't big enough for the two of us.

Sheriff Woody Toys Edit

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