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The TSC version of Woody

Woody is a rag doll toy. His pull-string mechanism is similar to Mattel's vintage talking toys, in which one would require to pull the toy's string (a phonograph-like mechanism) to hear it talk. Has voice by (Tom Hanks) instead of Jim Hanks.
There have been multiple Woody dolls made, however all the dolls produced have an electronic mechanism rather than the traditional.
Thinkway Toys created the Toy Story Signature Collection edition of Woody in 2008, advertised to be the most screen accurate Woody doll. However, he does not have his "waterhole" or "posse" phrase. (Posse is only on the Playtime version). His box is based off what it could've been like in the 1950's (like Stinky Pete's box in Toy Story 2). His hat is stitched around the brim.

Phrases Edit

  • Reach for the sky!
  • You're my favorite deputy!
  • Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!
  • Yee haw! Giddy up, partner! We gotta get this wagon train a-movin'!
  • I'd like to join your posse boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song.
  • There's a snake in my boot!
  • This town ain't big enough for the two of us.

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