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Talkin' Woody Room guard

The Talkin' Woody Room guard was released in 1998. He was apart of the Toy Story 2 room guard collection

Toy Story Room Guard Woody

Toy Story Room Guard Woody


This town ain't big enough for the two of us"

"Sheriff Woody here..Calling you to duty"

"Haahaahaaaaahaaa I'll make a cowboy out of you yet"

"Yee Haw Cowboy"

"I'm Sheriff Woody, Nice to Meet you Deputy"

"Hold on there Buster"

"Haahaaahaahaa I'm only kiddin pal"

"Haahaahaahaahaahaa, What's your adventure today?"

"Oh Howdy Howdy Deputy, Hahaahaahaaa"

"Draw. this is a show down, Yep, I'm talking to you"

"Howdy Partner my name's woody"

"Someone poisoned the water hole"

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