In 1997, Thinkway Toys released the Woody Talkin' Room Deputy guard doll alongside the Buzz Lightyear room guard. It would essentially "guard" a persons room by talking or shouting whenever someone got close to its sensor. Woody had a sensor in his belt buckle and came with his own doll stand that looked very similar to the Toy Story Collection Woody's doll stand with the exception of having a lighter brown color. These dolls worked by pushing a button on the shirt to activate the motion sensor and had no pull-string (Until 2003). It was re-released in 1999 during the release of Toy Story 2 and was re-released again in 2003 after the original Thinkway Toys designs were purchased by the Disney Store in 2002, being redesigned with a pull-string for the "Toy Story and Beyond!" line. The 2003 version was later put on Amazon in April of 2004 and can still be bought to this day even though it has been discontinued since the defunct of "Toy Story and Beyond!" in 2008.

The 1997 - 1999 version is now considered rare in the fact that there have only been a few on eBay in recent years.


1997 - 1999 version (1997 packaging)

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1997 - 1999 version (1999 packaging)


2003 version

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