The Woody Talking Action Figure is the most basic form of Thinkway's pull string Woody dolls. Unlike

Playtime Woody and the Toy Story Signature Collection Woody, there's no sort of interactive mode and is a regular pull string toy. Visually, the doll is the exact same as its Playtime counterpart, with a flat yellow belt buckle and spurs, bigger, flatter shirt buttons, and a plastic hat with no brim. Like other Thinkway Woody dolls, this doll shares some phrases heard in others, being the same Jim Hanks sound samples and all.

Earlier versions of this doll had different packaging featuring the cloud pattern, slightly different phrases, and a smaller voice box that appears to be closer to the 1995 Thinkway release.

Around the release of Toy Story 3, this version of the doll was released as a Disney Store exclusive in the UK, with Thinkway being credited on the box.

On the original film's 20th anniversary, this version was re-released with a 20th Anniversary label.


The Toy Story 4 version of the regular pull string Woody doll

With the release of Toy Story 4, another regular pull string Woody was released with a different face sculpt and a printed on vest, badge, and buttons rather than being separate from the body.

Phrases Edit

Pull string phrases from the films are in bold

  • Ha ha, boy am I glad to see you!
  • Come on partner! Let's saddle up for adventure!
  • Haha you know, you are one fun deputy!
  • When there's trouble on the prairie, I'M your Sheriff!
  • YEE-HAW! Ride 'em, cowboy!
  • Howdy pardner! My name's Sheriff Woody!
  • You're my favorite deputy!
  • There's a snake in my boot!
  • Reach for the sky!
  • This town ain't big enough for the two of us.
  • Giddy up, pardner! We gotta get this wagon train-a movin!
  • Hellooo? So, how ya doin?
  • Hey, partner! You got a friend in me!
  • Hey howdy hey!
  • Got my Sheriff's hat, got my favorite deputy by my side, yep! I'm ready for adventure!
  • A Sheriff ALWAYS wears his badge with pride!
  • HA-HAAA! Sheriff Woody and his deputy save the day! YEEEE-HAW!
  • Good work, deputy!
  • LOOK! There's a bandit! HA HA I FOOLED ya! Ha ha!
  • Haha you know, you are one fun deputy!
  • Can you help me gather up a posse? We need to stop those bandits!
  • Well pull my string! YEEE-HAW!
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